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Sihid Technology Limited, established in March of 2015, is an Chinese company founded by a team of seasoned engineers with experience in advanced electronics, embedded systems, FPGA design, video processing, SDR algorithms, wireless data links and RF design.

Technology Experience of Sihid Team

  • Critical electronics development from schematics capture and PCB layout to hardware manufacturing and verification.
  • Design reliable firmware and software for FPGAs, Embedded Processors, and System-on-Chip devices, integrating VHDL and embedded software for System-on-Chip solutions.
  • Standalone (Bare-metal), RTOS, and Linux operating systems.
  • Video and audio processing, H.264/H.265 video encoding and decoding, especially target wireless transmission application.
  • SDR(Software Defined Radio) algorithms and FPGA implementation for critical systems.
  • Wideband wireless data links and RF electronics.

HD Video Wireless Communication Solution

Sihid provides reliable high level HD video wireless communication solution for UAV & Drones, unmanned ground vehicles, public surveillance and defense industries, the broadcast and and other critical platforms from SDR IP, OEM modules to complete wireless link devices. We are products/service/solution supplier with key technology in the wireless high speed mobile video data transmission industry based in LOS/NLOS environments.Sihid has shipped thousands of wireless video transmisson OEM modules/devices to customers both in China and outside of China.

  • COFDM modulator IP with development kit supporting.
  • OEM modules including COFDM Tx/Rx modules,H.264/H.265 video encoder/decoder modules, two-way OFDM modules, power amplifiers, relay modules, etc.
  • HD video wireless communication devices, two-way wideband wireless data link devices, etc.
  • Customer design service for HD video wireless communication in LOS/NLOS environments application.

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Sihid Technology Limited

Room 608, Dongbian Commerce Building,
#222 Minzhi Road, Longhua New District,
Shenzhen, China 518131

Email: or
Tel: +86-755-23765232
Skype ID: embestzgr

Room 608, Dongbian Commerce Building, #222 Minzhi Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China 518131
Email: or, Phone:+86-755-23765232, Skype ID:embestzgr
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矽海达提供基于FPGA COFDM调制技术的信道编码IP(DVB-T Modulator),无线宽带数据链路,COFDM高清数字无线图传解决方案,FPGA与嵌入式系统设计服务,FPGA OpenCL加速卡,AD9361/AD9363/AD80402/AD9364开发套件