HD Video Wireless Communication

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  SDL550 Dual Transceiver

20 May, 2021 released

-- Full duplex wideband wireless IP data links on-the-move.
-- Up to 30Mbps Iperf Throughput @20MHz channel.
-- Networking mode: Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Relay, and Mesh(specify).
-- Interface through web browser or control uart.
-- 2 Ethernet and 3 channel RS232 data link.
-- Audio in/out supported by inside audio codec.
-- Long distance wireless transceiver with 10W RF power.
-- 806~826HMz band or 1428~1448MHz band, 3/5/10/20MHz band widths.
-- Dimensions: 124*67.8*28.5mm, Weight: 252g.

  SUE6 H.265/H.264 Video Encoder Module

18 Mar, 2021 released

-- Low latency H.265/H.264 video encoder module, full HD resolution, maximum 1080P60 encoding.
-- Audio codec with audio input and output.
-- HDMI/AV video input, Ethernet RTSP/TS stream output, TCP/UDP protocol.
-- Web UI or uart for management.
-- Optional: HDMI+AV input and encoding at the same time.
-- When paired with Sihid SHD5 decoder module, the H.265 video latency is about 250ms.
-- When paired with Sihid SHD4 decoder module and in the lowest H.264 mode, the video latency is about 50ms to 130ms.
-- Integrated with RCB as COFDM transmitter module, supporting third party wireless link too.

  PA1410/PA810 for Sihid DLB/DLM module

12 Mar, 2021 released

-- 10W RF Linear Power Amplifier for Sihid DLB/DLM module.
-- Frequency band: 1420MHz-1460MHz(PA1410) , 800MHz-830MHz(PA810).
-- RF in: IPEX connector, 25±2dBm(Sihid DLB/DLM module RF out).
-- TX Gain: 18dB,  RF out power 40~42dbm, SMA female connector.
-- Power in: DC24V~30V.
-- Power consumption: <28W average.
-- Dimensions: 65*62*13.5mm, not including the connector out of the metal housing.
-- Weight: 98g.

  DLB Dual Transceiver OEM Module

26 Nov, 2020 released

-- Full duplex wireless transceiver module for video and data Link
-- Up to 30Mbps Iperf Throughput @20MHz channel.
-- Networking mode: Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Relay, and Mesh(specify).
-- RF power out: 25±2dBm
-- Working Frequency: 806~826HMz, 1428~1448MHz, 2402~2482MHz
-- 2 Ethernet and 3 TTL uart data link
-- Audio input and output with codec
-- Interface through web browser or control uart.
-- Transmit distance: 500~2000 meter(ground-to-ground), 5~17km(UAV-to-ground)

  ST210 COFDM Wireless Downlink Transmitter

29 Sep, 2020 released

-- 1W/2.5W HD video COFDM wireless downlink transmitter with HDMI/SDI/AV video input.
-- Frequency Bands: 200~860MHz(Specify central working frequency).
-- Bandwidth configurable from 1MHz to 8MHz, step by 1KHz
-- COFDM modulation and H.264/H.265 video compression.
-- Full HD resolution, maximum 1080p/i @60fps, or 3840*2160P@30fps(optional).
-- Supports two channel videos at the same time(optional).
-- Great security by AES encryption.
-- Modular design and high integration.
-- Stable signal transfer in NLOS and high-speed motion.
-- Adjustable working frequency, band width, bit stream rates, RF power, etc.
-- Comprehensive setup with Sihid Config Panel or PC or other device via Control UART.

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