HD Video Wireless Communication

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COFDM Wireless Downlink

COFDM Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Wireless Receiver

TDD Duplex Wireless Transceiver

  800M-1.4G IP Links 2W/5W-SDL530
  800M-1.4G IP Links 2W/5W-SDL532
  800M-1.4G IP Links 10W
800M-1.4G-2.4G H265 Tx 300mW
  800M-1.4G-2.4G H265 Rx 300mW
5.8G H265 500mW


HDMI/AV Tx Module
SDI/AHD Tx Module
H265 Rx Module
H264 Rx Module
Relay Module
1W Power Amplifier

TDD OEM Modules

DLM Transceiver Module
DLB Transceiver Module
2W Power Amplifier(800M/1.4G)
5W Power Amplifier(800M/1.4G)
10W Power Amplifier(800M/1.4G)
H264/H265 Codec Modules
Video Encoder Enclosed
HDMI/AV Video Encoder
SDI/AHD Video Encoder
H.264 Video Decoder
H.265 Video Decoder


UART Config Panel

PA1400/PA800 for DLM/DLB Module

This PA1400(or PA800) amplifier is a 2W linear power amplifier, designed for using with Sihid DLM/DLB module.


  • Frequency band: 1425MHz-1455MHz(PA1400), 800MHz-830MHz(PA800)
  • RF in: DLM(or DLB) module RF out(25±2dBm)
  • RF out power: 2W(33dBm)
  • PA1400 Tx gain: 11dB, when used with DLM(or DLB) Module, set up the maximum RF power of DLM as 22~24 dBm, then the RF out power will be 33~35dbm.
  • PA800 Tx gain: 13dB, when used with DLM(or DLB) Module, set up the maximum RF power of DLM as 20~22 dBm, then the RF out power will be 33~35dbm.
  • Power in: DC12V~16V
  • Power consumption: <6W average
  • PCBA size: 46.5*31mm, thickness of PCB: 1.2mm
  • Impedance: 50 ohm

Working together with DLM(or DLB) Module:


Power in Two bonding pads, should be soldered to connect with power VDD and GND.
Control Two bonding pads, should be soldered to connect with DLM(or DLB) Switch signal pad(SCL and GND). The input high(1.8V to 3.3V) will drive the amplifier and work in Tx mode. The input low will enable the PA module to work in Rx mode.
RF in IPEX connector for connection with main antenna of DLM(or DLB) module.
RF out Bonding pad, should be soldered to an antenna connector.

Housing case and assemble

Sihid PA1400/PA800 is just an OEM PCBA module. When you use this PA to work with DLM(or DLB) module, you should make metal housing case for your device, and a separated chamber must be designed for PA board. And also, it should keep at least 6mm space between the PA board and the upper cover. The back side of the PA board should be assembled to the metal directly and tightly to help heat dissipation and enable electrical grounding connection. For optimal performance it is important to include adequate heat dissipation strategies that incorporate a heat sink or fan into any designs that integrate the PA OEM module.

Sihid can also make a metal chamber for this PA module according to cutomer's requirement.


PA1400/PA800 overview.pdf

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